2021 IAABO Exam

MM slash DD slash YYYY
1. A-1 throws the ball from behind the three-point line. The ball is legally touched by B-1 who is in the two-point area. The ball continues in flight and passes through A’s basket. The official rules a three-point goal. Is the official correct?(Required)
2. After a successful free throw by A-1, the officials discover that A-2 and A-3 were occupying the first marked lane spaces. The officials ignore the violation. Are the officials correct?(Required)
3. During a designated spot throw-in, A-1 fumbles the ball and leaves the designated spot to retrieve the ball. The official sounds the whistle and re-administers the throw-in. Is the official correct?(Required)
4. Team A is awarded the ball for a throw-in under the alternating possession procedure. A-1’s throw-in is kicked by A-2. The official awards the ball to Team B and has the scorer turn the arrow toward Team B’s basket. Is the official correct?(Required)
5. During a time-out, player A-1 is assessed a technical foul. The official rules the foul is indirectly charged to the head coach. Is the official correct?(Required)
6. Team A has an alternating possession throw-in, A-2 fouls B-1 before the throw-in ends. The official charges the foul and orders the arrow to be turned toward Team B’s basket. Is the official correct?(Required)
7. B-1 has obtained a legal guarding position on A-1 who jumps to attempt a try. A-1 fouls B-1 before A-1 lands on the floor. After the foul, B-2 touches the ball while it is on the ring. The official does not rule basket interference and charges a player-control foul on A-1. Is the official correct?(Required)
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