2021 2022 IAABO FIBA Rules Refresher

To Canadian/International Members

IAABO is providing the IAABO FIBA Rules Refresher 2021-22 Exam is a different format this year towards optimizing its use and effectiveness.

The exam has been split into a Part 1 and a Part 2, each is 25 questions and on-line. Each part is in an exam format. You can scroll through all the questions and their answers before submitting. Once submitted, the answers will be sent in a report to the e-mail address entered. The report includes the questions, correct or incorrect and the references.

Your e-mail address is required to have your results sent to you. Your exam will only be sent to you and your mark is for you and not shared.

The exam is provided in two parts as a less time intensive tool for you the takers. The 25 question format is also designed to provide a condusive length for on-line review by a group should a Board or group of officials want to utilize them that way.

A further learning opportunity will be created by, in several weeks, the statistics by question will be reviewed, the most missed questions identified and a follow-up sent out and/or an on-line rules review session scheduled to review them.

Thank you

IAABO FIBA Rules Refresher 2021-22 Part 1

IAABO FIBA Refresher Exam 2021-22 Part 2

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