1. Ref and Umpire (s) are EQUAL on the court…each have duties during pregame, etc.

2. AP arrow before going to locker room…”Approve” final score when ALL officials have left “visual confines” of the gym.

3. DQ = 5 fouls (personal & T’s add together)

4. Player = 5 people on the floor…Timeouts (players stay players)…Intermissions (ALL are bench personnel)…affects Personal foul vs Technical and whether or not it’s an ID to HC.

5. Player = Bench once HC is notified…Bench = player when beckoned OR ball becomes live.

6. Only Direct T’s count to team foul count…ID do NOT count to the bonus.

7. Ejection: 1 Flagrant or 2 Direct…unless HC, then a “combination of 3 D and ID. Adults LEAVE the gym/Players ejected to the bench….liability issues.

8. HC and ANY NUMBER of assts may enter the court to help during a fight. NEW rule last year, so could be on the test.

9.  VT has the 28′ Coaching Box. Once a HC gets a T (D or ID) the use of the coaching box is lost.

10. Warning Horn…always 15-secs before the end of the time (60, 30 or 15).  Interval of time vs TO & subs.

11. Subs on FTs…before “last” or after successful.  DQ’d player…all subs there can enter.

12. Subs…”Don’t have to play a lick, but MUST “sit a tick” 

13. If coach/trainer enters floor…sub OR use a T/O.

14. Blood…has to go unless TO used (60 or 30)

15. Concussion rule…know the rule number OR the verbiage.  In VT…must be cleared by ATC (MD, NP, or PA)…

16. Ball live has nothing to do with clock running or stopped…NEED to know live ball & dead ball status.

17. Score in wrong basket..counts to the team it is scored in…different IF we line them up wrong.

18. FT/T-1 with .3 or less…only a tap counts.  Can still be fouled and 1-1.

19. Length of qtrs…8 mins.  BELOW 9th grade SHALL be 6 mins.  OT is 1/2 of the length of the qtr (4 in HS and 3 in MS)

20.  OT continuation of 4th qtr…same direction, everything stays the same EXCEPT for AP arrow.  New toss and arrow.

21.  Live ball…ONLY 3 ways: JB, T-I or FT…NEED to know…

22. Horn kills ball unless a try is in flight. IF LED, that’s the end. When try and associated activity ends, then the qtr is over…T before a FT vs T after the ball is dead.  WHO gets charged with the T and HOW do we start the next qtr?





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